Why do we need a website specifically for lay people?

It was a lay leader (that is, a non-ordained leader) in a rural congregation who first requested a website like this.  The Anglican Diocese of Calgary has an excellent website (you can see it over here), that gives important information about the workings of the Diocese.  But his longing was for a different kind of website: one where lay leaders like him could find resources that make it a bit easier to offer great ministry.  Lay leaders in this Diocese spend countless hours doing all they can to help their congregations be places of spiritual vitality and faithful mission.  This website wants to help these wonderful folks offer the best ministry possible. 


Why "The Uncollared Cooperative"?

This is a website for all those amazing people in the church who are not ordained (ie. lay people) but are exercising leadership in their congregations.  Leadership in the Church take lots of forms and the leadership of lay people is extremely important - the vital ministry of the "un-collared".  And, since God never intended us to do ministry alone, but only ever together, we call this a "cooperative" effort.  On many pages, you'll find feedback forms, or links to suggest additional resources.  And we're not only a website: we're a team of people too, interested in helping build up a healthy uncollared cooperative in this Diocese!  Feel free to get in touch, if you'd like us to visit your congregation and explore personalized ways to equip your lay leaders.


What does this have to do with the Licensed Lay Ministry Program?

There are endless ways that God can call ordinary people (lay people) to become leaders in their congregations.  The Licensed Lay Ministry Program relates to only three kinds of ministries that lay people might undertake: leading public worship in morning and evening prayer; administering reserved sacrament to the public; and preaching in public worship.  As you can imagine, probably from your own experience, there are lots of other ways you could get involved in leadership in your congregation.  Here on this website you will find information about the Licensed Lay Ministry Program, as well as resources to equip you in your leadership well beyond just those three licenses.  


What about the Lay Preachers' Bulletin?

This is the new home for the Lay Preachers' Bulletin.  It is now one among many resources this website offers to support and equip the everyday leaders of our congregations.  


 How is this connected to the Anglican Diocese of Calgary?

The Uncollared Cooperative is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary, offered by the Rural Ministry team.  It is a resource hub connecting lay leaders (non-ordained, everyday folks) with the best resouces that we in the Diocese have pooled together.  Just a reminder: the "Diocese" isn't just those people working in the office in Calgary but is, in fact, all of us working together in Jesus name as Anglicans in southern Alberta!  So, these are the resources that we, all working together, have pooled in the hopes of strengthening the ministry of our awesome everyday lay folk.